Bank of America Financial Volunteers stand together in Front of Town Hall in Young AmeriTowne

Sponsor Spotlight: BOK Financial Inspires a Financially-Literate Future

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When fourth and fifth grade students from Goldrick Elementary attended Young AmeriTowne yesterday, they had help from eight finance experts!  BOK Financial’s gift of both time and treasure made this day possible.

BOK Financial supports the Send-a-School initiative of Young Americans Center for Financial Education.  This CRA-eligible program provides scholarships for Young AmeriTowne, International Towne, and AmeriTowne On the Road, ensuring that all students, regardless of background, can grow up knowing how to earn, make, and manage their money wisely.  Last year, Young Americans spent $247,070 to fund 102 deserving schools and 8,271 deserving students as a part of this program.

Goldrick Elementary is a Denver Public School where 97% of students receive free or reduced lunch.  According to teacher Caitlin Woolums, “The only reason we’re able to participate in Young AmeriTowne is because of Send-a-School.” Ms. Woolums has taught at Goldrick for the past six years, and she was grateful to have BOK volunteers in Towne with her students.

In the Containers Shop, BOK volunteer Connor Martinek served as a business consultant to the four-student team of employees.  Manager Nadina*, age 10, appreciated Connor’s help. “He really helped us by showing us how to build briefcases, and he helped fill in when I had to go to the Medical Center,” she said.  Connor participated in AmeriTowne when he was in fifth grade, too.  “I remember being so excited about the day.  It’s great to be back!” he said.

Across Towne, volunteer Tara Rojas, Vice President, Community Relations and Communications at BOK, inspired students working in the Bank.  Ten-year-old Camila* said her favorite part of the day was being a Teller.  “I really like helping customers,” she said.  “I want to be a banker when I grow up because I can speak Spanish and I want to meet new people.”  Her colleague, 10-year-old Reia* agreed.  “I think I might want to work in a bank some day because I like helping people,” she said.

For the 65 students participating in Young AmeriTowne, the day provided a glimpse into the future.  By learning how to navigate their finances in a fun, hands-on way, they are on the path to being financially independent.  Thank you, BOK Financial, for making these life lessons possible.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of minor students.

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