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Concept of the Month: Time, Talent, Treasure

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Are you looking for a way to give back this holiday season?  This month, Young Americans Bank has some ideas for how YOU can be a philanthropist!  That’s a big word that means sharing your time, talent, or treasure to make your community a better place.  It’s not as hard as you might think!

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It takes just a moment to make someone’s day, change a life, or change the world. Put a bunch of those moments together and volunteer for a cause you believe in! Read a book to a blind person, an elderly person or another child. Pull your elderly neighbor’s weeds or shovel her sidewalk. Take your disabled neighbor’s paper and mail up to their door. There are all sorts of things you can do to make the world around you a better place with just a little bit of your time. 

Bird in Hat Talent IconographyTalent

What do you do well that you can share with your community? Are you a fabulous writer? Tutor another classmate or start or join a poetry club designed to help youth express themselves. Are you a sports star? Offer your skills to help younger athletes. Wonderful musician? A natural artist? Tutors don’t have to be old to help others with their skills. You’re great at something, share it with the world! 


Do you have some extra change lying around? Or have you been saving your money for something very important to you? You do not have to give hundreds, thousands or even millions to make a difference. Every bit makes a difference to someone. Find a cause that you believe in and have researched to make sure they’re going to use your money wisely. And feel proud about your donation. No matter how much it is, you are making a difference! 

Ready to do your part? Here’s a worksheet to help you think about how you can give your time, talent, and treasure.  Thank you for making our world a better place!

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