Sponsor Spotlight: Career Exploration at an Early Age Thanks to DU

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Young AmeriTowne College

Students explore career options in the Young AmeriTowne College

Students who participate in Young AmeriTowne gain insight about future careers in a number of ways. Besides filling out a job application, interviewing, and holding a job, students can also explore possible careers in the Towne College.  At Young AmeriTowne in Denver, this experience is made possible by long-time supporter University of Denver.

With an emphasis on ethics, experiential education and social responsibility, DU’s partnership with Young Americans Center is a natural fit.  According to its website, DU is proud to offer “high-impact experiences” such as community involvement, study abroad, research, and career achievement to around 12,000 students each year.

Particularly important to Young AmeriTowne is DU’s commitment to provide young people with a strong foundation for future success.  The experiential education provided by Young AmeriTowne does just that. The curriculum leads students through the real process of finding a job.  First, students read help-wanted ads in their workbook and evaluate what type of positions they would like to hold by taking a skills assessment.  For example, students with good speaking skills might enjoy a career in the media as a TV Reporter.

After they think about what kind of job they would like to hold, students apply for those jobs.  A one-page job application is required, and some schools also choose to have students complete and resume and cover letter as well.

For many, the most intimidating part of the job search is the interview.  After a lesson on interview dos and don’ts, students put this learning into action in a real interview.  Some schools bring in parents and community members for this part—it’s much harder (and much more real-life!) to interview with someone they’ve never met before.

When they step foot in Young AmeriTowne, students already know their jobs.  But, their learning continues!  They work in business teams, gaining real world lessons about teamwork, responsibility, and ethics.  They explore additional career possibilities by visiting the College.  And, they balance their time and money as they shop around the Towne on their breaks.

Spring means that DU is preparing to recognize the achievements of the Class of 2018 over the next few weeks.  And as the 2017-18 school year comes to a close, Young Americans would also like to recognize the valuable support DU has played in shaping the lives of students in Young AmeriTowne.

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