Mayor Adam Paul receives an Accounting lesson in Young AmeriTowne Belmar

Sponsor Spotlight: City of Lakewood’s Youth View

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Mayor Adam Paul receives an Accounting lesson in Young AmeriTowne Belmar

This week, Young Americans Center for Financial Education shines a spotlight on an initiative by proud partner City of Lakewood that really resonates with us: Mayor Adam Paul’s Youth Initiative.  Young Americans applauds this movement—what an impactful way to encourage youth participation and investment in their community.

Throughout the year, the City of Lakewood has been collecting thoughts from Lakewood youth.  On the City of Lakewood website, Mayor Paul writes, “I want us to better understand the challenges our youth face and the opportunities to help them succeed.”  The City has posted a number of ideas and suggestions from youth, including Lakewood resident and Stein Elementary student Francisco who writes, “What would I do if I were mayor? Well, first of all, in general I would take care of my citizens in my neighborhood!”

As part of this youth initiative, the City of Lakewood created a video that welcomes 5th grade citizens to Young AmeriTowne at Belmar.  In the video, Mayor Adam Paul challenges students to become a member of their caring community.  “Making a difference doesn’t mean creating a big initiative or raising thousands of dollars,” says Mayor Paul.  “It’s about what you can do to help your neighbor, your friends, and most of all, your community.”

Young Americans partnership with the City of Lakewood highlights the value both organizations place on youth ideas and development.  For communities to be successful in the future, today’s youth need to know they have an important role to play.

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