Students Shake Hands in the AmeriTowne College with graduation cap and outfit. Two other students handshake and praise the graduate.

Sponsor Spotlight: Colorado Community Colleges provide a free education in Young AmeriTowne

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Five Colorado Community Colleges provide a free education for students in the Young AmeriTowne College.

Nestled right between the Bank and the Medical Center is a valuable institution: the Young AmeriTowne College. Here, five Colorado Community Colleges ensure that students receive a free education every day!

Five educational institutions came together in 2013 to promote hands-on, real world learning: Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora, Community College of Denver, Front Range Community College, and Red Rocks Community College.  In addition to financial support, these educational institutions donate uniforms and decorations to make the AmeriTowne College shop at Belmar feel just like a real college.  Plus, they provide a “Paws in Jobland” game that guides students through different career options.

Earlier this spring, students from Heritage Elementary ran the 17 AmeriTowne shops, including the College. Ten-year-old Amy*, a Career Counselor, was busy recruiting her fellow citizens to stop by the College on their breaks, while her co-worker Caden* laminated ID cards.  “This is such a fun day,” said Amy, who noted that in addition to working at the college, she also had a great time shopping and spending money in Towne.

Young Americans Center is grateful to these Community Colleges for supporting this type of learning. As students go about their day in Towne, students can envision a future for themselves that involves responsible spending and a college education.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of minor students

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