Sponsor Spotlight: Fun Services Supports FUNancial Education

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Sponsor Spotlight: Fun Services Supports FUNancial EducationOne of the perks of being a citizen of Young AmeriTowne is all of the products available to purchase!  During their breaks, students can shop for items like glow-in-the-dark sticky eyeballs, magical disappearing ink, flashlight keychains, and street-sign lollipops, just to name a few.  These products are provided, in part, through the generosity of Fun Services, a local Denver Metro company that specializes in party supplies, corporate events, school fundraisers, and even Halloween costumes.

Fun Services has been “bringing fun to Colorado since 1980,” and has supported the Young AmeriTowne program for over a decade.  As a sponsor of the Warehouse at both the Denver and Lakewood locations, Fun Services provides many of the toys and food items delivered by the Warehouse employees each day.  With 652 items for sale in Towne every day and over 350 sessions of AmeriTowne every year, Fun Services has provided over two million producSponsor Spotlight: Fun Services Supports FUNancial Educationts in total—thank you!

Young AmeriTowne curriculum helps students experience supply and demand in-person.  The Warehouse delivery system reinforces this concept.  Shops receive two shipments of goods: one delivery arrives at the beginning of the day and a second delivery arrives half-way through the day.  Students must evaluate their product inventory to determine what price to charge for an item.  If an item is selling quickly, for example, students may decide to raise the price.  If a shop sells out of an item, students must wait for the second delivery before they can sell more, just like in the real world.

Young Americans Center for Financial Education is grateful for the long-time support of Fun Services.  Their continued support gives countless youth the experience of what it is like to run a business in a hands-on way!

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