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Sponsor Spotlight: OtterCares Inspires Students to Become Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists

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We love when our partners facilitate community discussion around entrepreneurship!

In October, Anna Leer (VP YouthBiz), presented at OtterCares inaugural NoCO IgnitED event designed to connect educators and industry leaders to think about education differently.Ottercares NoCO IgnitED Brochure

The two-day collaborative event provided attendees with the opportunity to experience innovative learning models in Northern Colorado, with a focus on entrepreneurial mindset, design thinking and student-led learning. Through site visits and interactive workshops, participants saw the transformational power of entrepreneurship in education and gained a better understanding of how to integrate and apply entrepreneurial thinking in classrooms.

Together, with Hope Parker of Colorado State University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship, Anna presented a session entitled; “Entrepreneur in Disguise: Learn to Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur.” Anna and Hope explained why an entrepreneurial mindset is so transformative in the classroom/workplace and connected participants with tools and resources they could implement immediately.

“Viewing the world through this lens can be extremely helpful to infuse creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, and more into everyday problem solving” said Anna. They explored ways to shift into an entrepreneurial mindset and uncover the entrepreneurial strengths attendees already have. Using these newly discovered entrepreneurial tools, they helped attendees to form the beginnings of a working plan to address a pressing challenge of their own.

OtterCares knows that cultivating entrepreneurial learning environments cannot be done alone. That’s why NoCo IgnitED brought together educators, administrators, business leaders, and community members to network and collaborate.

Together, we can create lasting and impactful change in our communities by unleashing an entrepreneurial mindset in young people to ignite the next generation of makers, doers and givers!

The OtterCares Foundation inspires students to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists who create lasting and impactful change in their communities. OtterCares mission is to inspire students to become entrepreneurs and philanthropists. OtterCares believes one young and inspired mind can change the world.

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