Girl Donating in YAT Donation Station

Sponsor Spotlight: Schlessman Family Foundation and Imagination

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Boy Donating in YAT Donation Station

A Young AmeriTowne citizen donates a dollar to the Schlessman Family Foundation Donation Station.

Bill Daniels, founder of Young Americans Bank once offered this wisdom: “Image a world where people give of themselves simply because they want to.  Not out of a sense of debt.  Or because they want something in return.  No ulterior motives. No feelings of guilt.  Just the desire to give for the sake of giving.  Now, instead of imagining this kind of world, do your part in making it happen.” (The Life and Legacy of Bill Daniels, 162)

In this week’s sponsor spotlight, we’d like to recognize long-time Young Americans Center partner Schlessman Family Foundation, which makes Bill Daniels’ dream a reality every day in Young AmeriTowne.

Young Americans first collaborated with Schlessman Family Foundation in 2000 to create a philanthropy lesson for Young AmeriTowne.  At school, students learn about philanthropy, study charities, and draw themselves donating time, talent, or treasure.  When they arrive at Young AmeriTowne, students can make a REAL gift to a REAL Denver Metro nonprofit because Schlessman Family Foundation matches each student donation (and the donations of student-run businesses) at 10%.

At the end of the year, each of six charities receives a check from AmeriTowne students.  Last year, AmeriTowne students donated $69,811 of their hard-earned AmeriTowne dollars—that’s an average of $4.32 per student (or 9.3% of their $25 salaries)!

Thanks to Schlessman Family Foundation, youth can learn at an early age that giving has no true monetary value.  Working together in this mission will lead to the kind of world Bill Daniels envisioned.

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