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Sponsor Spotlight: Students Learn Adaptability Thanks to King Soopers

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When businesses across the Denver metro area shut down due to COVID-19 last spring, grocery stores did not.  They continued to provide essential products to customers while adapting to a new normal.

The Denver Business Journal recently announced that one such retailer, King Soopers, had the largest market share of local consumer spending on groceries this year.  This caught our attention as King Soopers is this same grocery store that provides a hands-on lesson in free enterprise in Young AmeriTowne.

In the past few months, King Soopers has adapted to meet the changing needs of customers and associates.  The company has created a contactless delivery service and has scheduled special shopping hours for high-risk populations.  Many stores have one-way lanes or floor labels to help customers stay socially-distanced.  Cleaning procedures have been enhanced.  And, employee benefits have been expanded.

A 10-year-old King Soopers cashier sets prices for the day in Young AmeriTowne.

In AmeriTowne, fifth graders learn the same type of adaptability, just on a smaller scale.  Students set prices for their products based on their popularity.  Rick Krispy Treats fetch a higher price than colorful pencils, for example.  Students also quickly learn that responding to customer needs, say a request for a certain flavor of juice or popcorn, helps them make more sales.

King Soopers truly values this partnership with a program that is the highlight of elementary school for more than 50% of Colorado fifth graders.

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