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For Loan Officer Natasha Rea, working at Young Americans Bank is her dream job.  She just became the Bank’s new Loan Officer, so I sat down with her to learn more about her passion for youth financial education. 

Natasha Rea has helped customers make transactions at Young Americans Bank for the last five years.  She is the Bank’s new Loan Officer.

You could argue that Natasha Rea grew up at Young Americans Bank.  Her mother worked in the Accounting department, which meant that Natasha became knew the Tellers and other Bank staff members quite well.  “My first memory of Young Americans Bank was when I was about eight,” remembers Natasha.  “I remember the kick-out stands and computer kiosks, and I remember waiting patiently for my favorite Teller to help me with my transaction.”  In addition to the Bank, Natasha also fondly remembers joining Money Matters classes and Summer Camps growing up. 

When a job opportunity arose at the Bank five years ago, Natasha was ecstatic.  “Working at Young Americans Bank was my dream job, so I couldn’t believe it when I was offered a position there!” she says.  Natasha started out as a Financial Services Representative, a Teller working on day-to-day transactions with customers, and she worked her way up, first becoming a Branch Supervisor and now a Loan Officer.   

One of her favorite aspects of working at the Bank is building relationships with her customers.  “I love watching customers grow up at the Bank,” smiles Natasha.  “It’s rewarding to see customers who’s accounts I opened come back and make a deposit.  There are some that are even on their way to college now!  Natasha also loves talking to customers about what they are saving for.  “One customer told me he was saving up for a machine that could shrink his little brother.  Another customer is so generous with his money that his mother told me that she has to lock-up his piggy bank, she laughs.  

Although she has a new role, Natasha’s eagerness to learn has made for a smooth transition from Supervisor to Loan Officer.  “I have new procedures to learn, but loans are such a good opportunity for kids to experience budgeting and credit in a hands-on way that I can’t wait to get started,” says Natasha.   

For more information about loans and credit cards, talk to a Young Americans Bank Representative today! 

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  1. How wonderful!! I don’t believe you can ever teach kids too young, when it comes to money. They NEED to work ( be it chores ) , and simply saving, from helping, or Birthday money, etc. And then deciding how or when or what , they want to spend it on.

  2. Congratulations Natasha you are and will continue to be an asset to Young Americas. Good Luck may you continue to prosper and may all your dreams come true. Work hard and never let anyone say you can’t because you can!!!

  3. Great article… Congratulations on your promotion‼️‼️
    You and your family hav a lot to be proud of‼️‼️‼️
    Your enthusiastic energy will guide you in your adventure ahead..

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