Sponsor Spotlight: UPS delivers real-world learning

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Have you ever paused to think about how a package lands on your doorstep or how a letter arrives in your mailbox?  The actors behind both of these services areUPS-worker-1 so efficient they are almost invisible.  Yet, they are vital to our community.  Young AmeriTowne makes the invisible visible through the Parcel Service Shop, where youth gain real-world experience delivering the mail.  All of this learning is made possible by proud partner, UPS.

After checking the UPS mailbox in Towne Square, Parcel Service Carriers/Salespeople sort through signed business checks, postcards and gift boxes.  Then they push a UPS cart, in lieu of a delivery van, around the Towne to deliver the mail.  Meanwhile, the shop Accountant pays expenses and makes deposits in the shop’s bank account to back its bank loan.  The Manager oversees the delivery and accounting processes, and he/she manages the online ordering system to ensure deliveries occur in a timely manner.  The Parcel Service shop also sells goods such as stamps and toys, which every employee helps to sell.

Students that love to stay busy excel in the Parcel Service Shop.  Workers wear outfits, generously provided by UPS, to distinguish themselves, so that they can travel freely throughout Young AmeriTowne.  Often, the Parcel employees are exempt from the Towne’s “fun” laws, such as hopping across Towne Square or bowing to every street sign, so their work is more efficient.  Such laws are invented by each visiting school.

The collaboration between Young Americans and UPS began 18 years ago when UPS first became a sponsor of Young AmeriTowne, thanks to an introduction by a UPS driver who was a parent volunteer in Young AmeriTowne.  Young Americans is grateful for the long-time support of UPS, and their role creating a fun, hands-on learning experience in Young AmeriTowne.

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