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Sponsor Spotlight: Variety at the King Soopers Market

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Almost every shop in Young AmeriTowne provides goods for consumers to buy.  But, one shop exceeds the others in the number of goods for sale: the Market.  A Young AmeriTowne Market employee helps a customerCitizens that value variety in their shopping should head straight to the Young AmeriTowne Market, generously supported by proud partner, King Soopers.

The Young AmeriTowne Market is a popular destination.  Inside the Market, customers will find seven different products available for purchase.  Items change depending on availability, but a typical shipment includes food items, toys, gift bags, and pencils.  Each item has a bar code that employees use to scan items at the check-out counter, a replica of a real King Soopers conveyor belt and register.  Customers can pay using cash or debit card, and they can even receive a discount if they sign up for the Market Rewards program.

Employees quickly realize that some products are more popular than others, which provides them with real-life experience about how supply and demand affects the price of an item.  Savvy Market employees will raise the price on popular items to help them earn enough money to pay back their bank loan.  If an item doesn’t sell as well, workers might advertise more or run a special sale.

The Young AmeriTowne Market is a fun simulation of what it is like to run a real grocery store, enabling students to experience free enterprise in a fun, hands-on way!

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