Sponsor Spotlight: Western Union helps better financial education

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A basic introduction to financial literacy tools and preparing young people to be ready to enter the workforce helps students to be financially responsible adults.  For children growing up in poverty, however, exposure to these concepts is particularly difficult.Sponsor Spotlight: Eide Bailly Explains International Trade

Young Americans Center strives to overcome this gap by delivering youth financial education to students regardless of background.  A generous partner in this effort is Western Union, which provides scholarships for low-income students and schools to attend Young AmeriTowne or International Towne as a major sponsorship of Send-a-School.  By supporting our Send-a-School initiative, Western Union finances four schools’ visits to AmeriTowne or International Towne a year, including:

  • Program curriculum
  • Teacher training
  • Volunteer training
  • Student workbooks and learning materials
  • Facilitated day in Young AmeriTowne or International Towne

Thanks to the support of Western Union and other community partners, Young Americans Center for Financial Education delivered a hands-on experience in finance to over 14,428 low-income youth last year.  One such student, fifth-grader Marlenee, attended a school in which 81% of students receive a free or reduced lunch.  After visiting Young AmeriTowne with her class, she wrote, “I feel like it is going to be easier later in life to use a checkbook or debit card.  I think it is the perfect place for kids to know how to run a business and to learn about the economy.”

At Young Americans Center, we couldn’t agree more; and we are grateful to Western Union for making the AmeriTowne experience possible for students like Marlenne.

If you are interested in helping us bring our award-winning programs to even more low-income youth in the coming school year, please contact Tobin Truslow, Vice President of Business Partnerships and Development at ttruslow@yacenter.org or 303-320-3208.

About Western Union

A leader in global payment services, Western Union helps people and businesses move money – to help grow economies and realize a better world.  The Western Union Foundation is dedicated to creating this better world, where the ability to realize dreams through economic opportunity is not just a privilege for the few but a right for all. Through their signature program, Education for Better, the Western Union Company, its employees, Agents, and business partners, and the Western Union Foundation work to realize this vision by promoting the course of education as a pathway to economic opportunity.

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