Tales from Towne: Towne Hall of Fame

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Thousands of kids have gone through Young AmeriTowne over the years, showcasing many different talents. Today, I want to look at the “artist talent” we see every day in Young Ameritowne. To practice real-life skills, the kids are given a postcard which they must properly address and apply a stamp. The twist, the stamp must be designed by them. As an incentive for participation, contests are held to encourage the students to actually send the postcards by Young AmeriTowne mail.

My favorite contest is the stamp contest — the kids have a small space, a two inch square box, to design a stamp that is then sent to the mayor for review. At the end of the day, the mayor reviews all of the submissions and presents the best stamp. The winners receive a prize, and the stamp gets inducted into the Towne Hall of Fame. Each day we get many submissions, and I absolutely love looking through them. The kids put a lot of time into the stamps and no two are exactly the same. Most submissions relate to their visit to Young AmeriTowne, but occasionally the students will use this as an opportunity to showcase their favorite cartoon character or adventure (dragons, underwater sea life, etc.). Below are a few stamp contest winners from this school year. You can view more on our Facebook page here.


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