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Tales from Towne: Help Your Students Run Successful AmeriTowne Businesses

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Young AmeriTowne is a very fun and exciting place to be! It is an excellent way for students to learn about the free enterprise system, and it’s a place where students get to apply lessons they learned in school to real-life situations in a simulated Towne.

AmeriTowne has 9-17 different businesses, also called shops, and there are different things that can make a business in Towne successful.  The most successful shop in Towne won’t necessarily be the one with the biggest profit; this is mostly because not every shop has the potential to make as big a profit as say, the Snack Shop. The most successful shop in Towne will be the one who’s employees try the hardest, understand the lessons the most, and apply the lessons in the best way.

In today’s blog, we’ll go over a few things teachers can do to make sure their students’ businesses succeed in their day of Young AmeriTowne.

Student Accountants are responsible for writing shop paychecks for the employees working in their shop. When the student writes these checks at school, it helps prepare the shop for the day.

Being Prepared

The absolute best way to make sure your student’s businesses are successful on the day of Towne is to make sure that you complete the curriculum. This includes both teaching all the required lessons as well as making sure students have completed all paperwork. The better the students understand the lessons done back at school, the more likely they are to apply the lessons successfully. This is especially true with supply and demand. When students completely understand the concept of supply and demand they instinctively will know the best times to raise and lower prices, which will help them to reach their goal of paying off their bank loan. Also, having all the proper paperwork filled out ahead of time (paychecks, deposit slips, checkbook registers, and advertising forms) will ensure that students have enough time during set up to properly prepare their store for the day.

Communication and Teamwork

In addition to preparation, communication and teamwork can help a shop succeed. Encourage your students to check in with their manager, check in with their accountant, and work together to accomplish tasks. Students should communicate with their manager if they are going to go to the bathroom, if they want to switch breaks, if they need to figure out what to do/ help with next, or if they are thinking about changing the price of a product. Accountants should know how the business is doing financially, so they should be able to tell coworkers how close they are to paying off the shop’s bank loan and much profit they’ve made. Lastly, if a student is done with her job early, encourage her to help other students finish their jobs as well!

AmeriTowne students work together and support each other throughout the day.


A final aspect of teamwork that will lead to day of Towne success is support. Encouraging students to treat each other with kindness and respect will help them to work together better and help their businesses run smoothly. Some students may be intimidated when they first start their day, so the support of other students can help ease anxieties and help them complete their jobs successfully. If a student is having trouble with a task, encourage other students to help out.  When students have the support of the others, they can successfully complete their jobs and their businesses can run as smooth as possible.


We hope the tips and tricks in this blog can help both teachers and students be more successful in Towne. We want to make sure they can have the best day possible!

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