Sponsor Spotlight: Seeing the wonders of the world—thank you AAA Colorado!

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What’s pocket-sized, blue and is a key to the world?

The AAA Colorado International Towne passport!

Passport-photoThe 10,000 students who visit International Towne each year carry this special tool with them at all times. AAA Colorado has been sending Colorado travelers around the world since 1922, and they also send International Towne students around their own world of 16 countries. The passport unlocks the wonders of the world. Here are three reasons why an AAA passport is a must in International Towne:

  1. It’s the rule:

When traveling to any of the other nations in International Towne, you must have an AAA passport. Travelers who ignore the rule may be able to visit another nation with no trouble, but if they are caught—the consequences are timely and expensive!

Tip for International Towne Travelers: Save the money and time – carry a passport at all times!

  1. Convenient and multi-purpose:

The AAA passport serves as the primary photo ID for International Towne. After adding a photo the passport is validated and traveling to other counties will be simple. Most International Towne visitors are required by law to visit each region of the world. At the entry port of each country, a customs agent will stamp all passports. This stamp serves as documentation that a visit has been made.

Tip for International Towne Travelers: Validate your visit to each country by receiving a stamp at the port from the customs agent.

  1. It’s handy – it’s hands-on:

The AAA passport breaks down these important aspects for each country – the currency, greeting, thank you, and products/services. This valuable information will make travel plans go much smoother. When visiting another country the passport becomes a guidebook providing critical information that could help you purchase merchandise from various countries. Additionally, the passports will help International Towne visitors master the business norms of each country. Currency exchanges and spending logs can also be recorded in the passport.

Tip for International Towne Travelers: Keep your AAA passport as a keepsake – a treasured memento of the day they ran the global economy!

About AAA Colorado

AAA Colorado has more than 630,000 members and is an advocate for safety and security for all travelers. As North America’s largest motoring and leisure travel organization, AAA provides more than 56 million members with travel, insurance, financial and automotive related services, as well as member exclusive savings.

Thank you AAA Colorado for your continued support of International Towne!  As the passport sponsor, you give over 10,000 students a chance to conduct business and travel the world.

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