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2015_YAT_College_001When students arrive on the day of their field trip to Young Ameritowne, one of the first shops they hear about is the College. The Towne Director often describes the college as the “cheapest and quickest college you will ever have the opportunity of attending.”  This always gets a laugh from the adults in the room, and occasionally from the students as well, because it’s completely true.  Young Ameritowne’s College is free for any student who would like to attend.  Each shop pays the College a tuition fee of $19.00, which allows their employees to attend college free of charge. Completing college consists of taking a 2-3 minute quiz in video format assessing your career aspirations. Each student who chooses to complete the online assessment gets a free student ID card and can pay to have this card laminated.

Roles in College

College positions include a President, Accountant, Career Counselors, and a Yearbook Photographer.  The President’s role is to fill in for career counselors when they are on break and to manage any trivia postcards mailed to the shop.  There is a trivia postcard contest where students can mail fun trivia to the College.  The President will pick the best trivia, and award the student a prize at the end of the day.

The Accountant is responsible for writing expense checks to other shops for the services provided in towne, keeping track of tuition checks received from other shops, and making deposits.  At the end of the day, if the college has made a profit, the Accountant will write the bank loan repayment check and a donation check.

Career Counselors show customers how to take their college course, award student IDs to graduates, and laminate ID for an extra fee.  The Yearbook Photographer has two jobs.  First, the student will take candid pictures around towne to be posted on our website and downloaded later by parents and teachers (these photos are password protected).  Second, the student will take pictures of fellow students who want souvenir photos printed of their experience in Young Ameritowne.2015_YAT_College_002

Young Ameritowne’s College in Cherry Creek recently received a huge makeover, donated by the University of Denver.  The shop now displays large murals on the wall depicting the campus, students, and aspects of college life.  Young AmeriTowne citizens love getting their pictures taken in front of them and as it makes the College feel – well — more like a real college!

Teacher Tip

When assigning students to the College, pick kids who like to play teacher or who are interested in becoming teachers when they grow up.  Also, select a Yearbook Photographer who is talented with a camera.

The College is sponsored by Denver University in Cherry Creek and by Arapahoe Community College, Community College of Aurora, Red Rocks Community College, Community College of Denver, and Front Range Community College in Belmar.

Thanks to University of Denver/Wayne Armstrong for the photos.

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