Tales from Towne: Empowering the Youth

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A recent student who visited Young AmeriTowne as the judge.

A recent student who visited Young AmeriTowne as the Judge.

Here at Young Americans, we encounter the most energetic, knowledge-seeking, and sometimes shy students. However, they always manage to show a side of them no one has ever seen. Their eyes light up as soon as they walk into our facility. They’re so excited to get into their shops and open up for business and take responsibility for their own financial lives. Through our Young Ameritowne program, we provide long-lasting skills that will forever change a young person’s life. The smiles on every students’ face, the conversations they have with each other, as well as the decisions they make regarding their financial spending/saving all reflect the idea of Youth Empowerment, one that Young Americans Center for Financial Education truly believes in.

A recent student who visited Young AmeriTowne as judge

A recent student who visited Young AmeriTowne as the Mayor.

We see this in our everyday encounters with students. We had a student, which according to his teacher was very shy in class. The student rarely ever raised his hands to speak, didn’t like going in front of the classroom, and often had very low engagement when doing activities. As soon as he stepped foot through our doors, the teacher stated that it was the first time she had seen him smile, involved in the success of his shop and even stood in front of his class to present a gift he and his co-workers had created for the teachers. These are the stories Young AmeriTowne offers. This particular story is a small example of ways we provide students with an opportunity to have the power to impact their own lives and the lives of others.

Since the inception of Young AmeriTowne, thousands of students have been through the program.  We meet parents and teachers alike who have been through our program and recall the things they’ve learned, the job positions they had, and how they’ve been able to apply a lot of the financial lessons into their lives.


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