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The Best Day in AmeriTowne: On the Road visits Pueblo

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As AmeriTowne On the Road wrapped up in Pueblo this week, a fun celebration was in order.  Students from Desert Sage Elementary participated in a special Towne Opening Ceremony in conjunction with local presenting sponsor Legacy Bank Colorado!

Rebecca Diaz, Vice President of Legacy Bank, and Rich Martinez, President and CEO of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, conducted a special Opening Ceremonies for AmeriTowne On the Road Pueblo students from Desert Sage Elementary.

On Wednesday, January 22, special guests Rich Martinez, President and CEO of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, and Rebecca Diaz, Vice President of Legacy Bank, welcomed Desert Sage students to AmeriTowne.  “I grew up here and graduated from East High School, so it’s really special to be back,” said Martinez.  Diaz, also a native of southern Colorado, encouraged students to use their AmeriTowne experience long after their visit to Towne.  She also acknowledged the four students working in the AmeriTowne Bank: “These bankers are going to manage everyone’s money today.  When you grow up, you’re going to need to manage your money and have a bank that you trust, too.  Who knows, I might even see some of you working at Legacy Bank someday!”  Legacy Bank helps keep program costs low for participating schools and students, and they also work with Pueblo Community College to host the program each year.

Desert Sage, a Pueblo District #70 school located in Pueblo West, Colorado, has participated in AmeriTowne On the Road every year since its inaugural visit to the region in 2014.  Six years later, fifth grade teacher Erin Marez continues to see the value for her students.  “This program teaches skills for the real world, particularly the application of math,” said Marez during her classroom’s visit.  “The students continue to use the language and vocabulary they learn in AmeriTowne throughout the year.”

Bank Tellers like 10-year-old Julia, right, help manage AmeriTowne citizen and business income throughout the day, providing hands-on banking experience.

Student participants whole-heartedly agreed with their teacher’s thoughts.  Eleven-year-old Mayor Genesis of AmeriTowne, a professionally-dressed young lady with a bright smile commented, “In Young AmeriTowne, I’ve learned so much about supply and demand and about how to give your time, talent, and treasure.”  Across Towne, Julia, a 10-year-old Bank Teller with superb customer service skills, added, “I want to be a Teller when I grow up because it’s really fun.”

After completing its two-week visit to Pueblo, AmeriTowne On the Road heads to Greeley next week to deliver a hands-on lesson in financial education to students in northern Colorado before it travels south to Colorado Springs later in February.   To learn more about the program or to register your school group, contact Senior Towne Director Chris O’Reilly:

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