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YouthBiz helps kids explore social enterprise

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Same Cafe

The newly-painted Same Cafe in Denver, photo curtesy of

Through the YouthBiz program, Young Americans provides opportunities for youth to explore all different types of industries.  This month, YouthBiz held its first workshop about social enterprise, a field that is becoming increasingly relevant to youth business owners who exist to support a need in a community.

What is a social enterprise?  YouthBiz welcomed Brad Reubendale, Executive Director of SAME Café, to explain.  A social enterprise exists to further a social purpose.  For example, the mission of a social enterprise might include sustainability, hunger relief, or education.  It is different than a nonprofit organization and a for-profit corporation.

SAME Café is the first non-profit restaurant in Denver!  It has been around for 11 years now, exposing people to healthy eating habits and providing different paying methods so that everyone has a chance at eating healthy.  SAME Café has taught Brad quite a bit, and he shared his insights about what it takes to create a social enterprise and to receive a certification.  It was very interesting being able to also determine different organizations that we are so familiar with and how they’re considered social enterprises as well.

If you missed this workshop, no worries!  We have more opportunities coming up in the month of February:

Prep a Pitch

Date: TBA

Location: 3550 E. First Avenue, Denver, CO 80206

Have a business or would like to start one? Want to know how to talk to people about your business and get them to invest or buy a product/service? This is the workshop for you! Learn how to create a pitch to tell people about your business. Even if you already have one, why don’t you come on down and let us listen to it and encourage others on writing one.

How to support your kid’s entrepreneurial spirit

Date: TBA

Location: 3550 E. First Avenue, Denver, CO 80206

Parents, you have a child who would like to start a business, but you don’t know where to start? Come on down and listen to other parents and how they’ve gone about it. Bring your kids, there’ll be an activity for them as well.

National Entrepreneurship Week is coming up next month, February 19th-24th!!  Visit our Facebook page for fun ways to celebrate every day!

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