Youth Advisory Board 2017-18

Meet a Board Member: Katelyn Osborne, Youth Advisory Board

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A unique aspect of Young Americans is that from the beginning, a Youth Advisory Board has helped to oversee and guide the activities of the Bank and nonprofit programs.  This month, meet a member of this Board: Katelyn Osborne.

One of the youngest members of this year’s Board, Katelyn is a freshman at DSST: Byers High School.  Sitting down with Katelyn, though, you would never guess her age; her maturity, leadership and articulate ideas disguise the fact that she is just 14 years old.  As a member of her school’s Design Team, she helped shape the school she now attends providing perspective on the school’s dress code, elective offerings, and even the physical space of the new school.  She is also active in sports, playing basketball, soccer, and volleyball, and in her church youth group.

Katelyn moved to Denver when she was in third grade, and her experience with Young Americans Bank began shortly after that when she received $20 from her parents to open her first savings account.  She enjoys banking at Young Americans because, “I am always treated like I matter.  I remember when I got my saving account, and the person who helped me with the process of opening it did not just do it through my parents, as I had expected. Instead, he sat down with me, a third grader, and made the experience mine to have and to build from. This is how it is every day at the bank.”

As a member of the Youth Advisory Board, Katelyn has enjoyed meeting other Board members, sharing ideas, and advising the Bank and nonprofit Programs.  In particular, Katelyn has offered her advice about Bank marketing ideas and fundraising.  Thank you, Katelyn, for your ideas and enthusiasm this year!

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