Beat from the Branch: Savings Goals

Beat from the Branch: Savings Goals

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Hello from the Far north East Branch!!

First, a small recap from the Passbook Pizza Party, which was a huge success!  We handed out dozens of Passbooks, and our customers were delighted to enjoy some FREE pizza.  If you missed the Passbook Pizza Party don’t worry!  You can stop by the bank at any time to get your Passbook and start earning prizes every time you visit the bank.

Open your Savings Account Today:

Also, now is the perfect time to open a savings account and set a financial plan to help you reach your savings goals.  Remember that by keeping your money in the bank, it will be harder for you to spend, your money is kept safe, and you will be able to reach your goals sooner. If you really don’t have any savings goals quite yet, that’s okay.  Start by saving money to help your parents with some of their expenses like your school supplies, clothes, or even toys.  Think about items you might need in the next couple of weeks, or even the next few months (the holiday season isn’t that far away!).  Would you like to be able to take a fun trip next spring or summer?  Start saving now!  

Our goal here at Young Americans Bank is to help you reach your goals.  Stop by and open an account today!

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