State Farm Supports Deserving Students

State Farm Supports Deserving Students

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As the new school year begins, staff at Young Americans Center busily prepares for the arrival of over 36,000 students to Young AmeriTowne and International Towne!  While we ready our Townes, hundreds of educators from across the Denver Metro Area are teaching students all of the background information they need to know to have a successful day.

When school groups visit Young AmeriTowne, the cost of their State Farm Supports Deserving Studentsmaterials is generously offset by a proud partner: State Farm.   State Farm’s relationship with Young Americans began over a decade ago when it sponsored O’Connell Middle School in Lakewood so its 7th graders could participate in International Towne for the first time.   Today, State Farm supports the printing of Young AmeriTowne student workbooks, which every AmeriTowne citizen receives.  Workbooks contain lessons and activities to help students learn about free enterprise, economics, banking, money management, government, communications, and philanthropy.

Additionally, State Farm’s support allows low income students to participate in AmeriTowne at a reduced rate.   In 2015, 12,836 low-income students attended either AmeriTowne, International Towne, or AmeriTowne On the Road.  Most important, no eligible school that applied for financial aid for its students was turned away.

Young Americans Center is grateful for State Farm’s leadership role in providing for financial literacy education for the last 12 years.  Enabling more than 400,000 Colorado young people’s participation in hands-on financial education experiences, State Farm is truly a good neighbor!

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