Beat from the Branch: 2015-16 Passbook is here!

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Blake Young with bank and passbookYay!!! The 2015-2016 Passbook is here. A reminder to all of customers on how The Passbook works, The Passbook runs from September 2015 to August 2016. As an initiative to our customers we have these amazing Passbooks come into the bank once a month to do one of the following: make a deposit into your account, use the coin machine, or answer our trivia question. Remember to bring in your Passbook with you so one of our tellers can sign it. Once you have collected the first three signatures you get to pick a price, six signatures gets you $5.00 dollars into your account and nine signatures gets you a free movie pass!!!

Remember you have 12 months to try to get all three of the prices! If you miss one month you can always make it with the next month. If you do not have your Passbook jet stop by the FNE location or our headquarters and pick one up. We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers having fun with The Passbook.

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