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From concept to design to twenty five years later, Young Ameritowne has come a long way. This year celebrates Young Ameritowne’s 25 year anniversary! What started as an idea for a summer camp all those years ago has blossomed into what we have today. Young Ameritowne is bigger and brighter than ever, with new shop sponsors and new colors in towne.

Rural AmeriTowne, started in 1999 modeled after Young AmeriTowne, has been adapted to a rural economy. Its ten businesses simulate those found in a small town. Located in Wray, Colorado, this program reaches students from northeastern Colorado and across the Kansas and Nebraska borders.

International Towne, fully developed as a year round program started in 2001, helps middle school “world citizens” become better prepared for the financial realities of the global marketplace. International Towne illustrates the role of free enterprise in the global economy and teaches an array of international economic concepts including global trading, foreign currency importing and exporting, and exchange rates.

Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs is a business competition and annual fundraising event that recognizes and awards exceptional Colorado entrepreneurs, 21 and younger, in four age categories. Winners in each category are paired with an adult entrepreneur who serves as a friend and mentor for a year.

Young Entrepreneurs Marketplace is an annual event that gives young business owners the opportunity to sharpen their customer skills and explore the world of business by selling their goods or services to the public in a festive marketplace setting.

Young Americans Bank, opened in 1987 is the world’s first and only state-chartered, FDIC insured bank designed for young people under 22. It educates customers in the proper use of bank services and teachers personal financial responsibilities through hands-on experience with actual banking products.

Young Ameritowne On-the-Road, started last year, is about to have a Jr. program which will reach more of the Denver Metro Area including Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. This is a nine shop front hands-on system that allows the kids to operate the same Young Ameritowne model, but in a location they can get to!

YouthBiz, an extended program of the YA Center will allow more kids to experience entrepreneurial activities and classes, here in the Denver metro area. We aim to provide professional skill building, business development, and we are very excited to expand our entrepreneurship program!

This is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming years, and we only wish to grow from there!

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