Beat from the Branch: It’s Financial Literacy Month!

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Happy National Financial Literacy Month from Lakewood!

This April, Young Americans Bank in Belmar focuses on the importance of values and spending. You might be wondering, “What exactly does that entail?”

Let’s start by asking what this statement means: Most people don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan.

In most cases, people view spending as “purchasing of valuables.” But as bankers and educators, we believe it’s more logical and better for your future success to determine your values before you start spending.

Now you might be asking, “How do I determine that?”  Well, we’re glad you asked!  There are five simple steps to getting on the right track in making those choices.  Here are the first two:

  1. Set a goal.  First we need to set or establish a goal for ourselves.  For example, a goal might be I want to buy a bike!
  2. Gather information.  Second we need to analyze or review the information needed to reach the ultimate goal.  Think about these questions: How much does it cost? Are there any other factors/accessories that play a role when buying a bike? How much will those cost? Are they required in order to ride a bike?

If you are interested in learning steps three through five or you’re looking to learn how to build your money to benefit you, then come join us on Saturday April 21, 2018 from 9:00-10:00am at the Belmar branch in Lakewood for our FREE Money Matters Class: Values & Spending class (ages 7-9).  Plus, you will earn $10 for your account just by attending! Register online.  We hope to see you soon so we can set your goals for summer, 2018!

One more thing.  Young Americans Bank  is hiring!  If you’d like to be a part of the future success of yourself and your peers, you are 16 years or older, and you need something to do this summer we’d love for you to join our team.  Read the job description online and apply today!

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  1. Very valuable information and motivates one self. Wish I was 16 to join the team. Keep up the great work.

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