Sponsor Spotlight: Alameda Gateway challenges students to build a vibrant community

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Students film a caring community segment in the AmeriTowne TV Station

Why is community important?

Through Young AmeriTowne, a hands-on lesson in free enterprise, fifth graders discover that communities provide resources and support for individuals and families.  Plus, they realize that they can impact their community in a positive way.  A valuable partner in this work at Young AmeriTowne in Belmar is proud sponsor Alameda Gateway.

By the time students step foot into AmeriTowne, they have already learned about what a community is.  They realize that they are part of many different communities such as their neighborhood or school, and they have considered how they might donate their time, talent, or treasure to help make their community a better place.

Young AmeriTowne turns this learning into action.  The Alameda Gateway TV Station challenges fifth graders to think about how they can create a caring community.  Students write down their thoughts on a community white board and they provide answers in interviews with the TV Reporters.  Students can take home a sticker that says, “I’m the future of my community.”

This year, Alameda Gateway has committed to taking bold actions that build a thriving and vibrant community along the Alameda Corridor in Lakewood.  When they arrive at Young AmeriTowne, students have this same opportunity to impact their community in a positive way.

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