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Every year in September we start a passbook. The passbook gives kids an initiative to come into the bank once a month either to make a deposit, answer our trivia question, empty their piggy banks into our coin machine, attend a money matter class or by referring a friend. Once they do any activity they will get a teller’s signature in their passbook.

If they get 3 out of 12 signatures they receive a savings prize, if they get 6 out of 12 signatures they’ll get $5 into their account, but if they get 9 signatures they get to enjoy a movie by receiving a movie ticket!!!

This Month is the 9th month since we started the passbook 2014- 2015 and at the branch within the first day of May we have given out a lot of movie tickets.

Just remember having a passbook has many benefits not only do you receive prizes but you will be learning and saving at the same time. If you don’t have a passbook came to the bank and asks for your passbook to start the fun!!!

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