Tales from Towne: This Year’s Most Popular Products

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When students arrive at Ameritowne or International Towne the first thing they do is receive a Towne tour from one of our directors. He or she informs the students about details of every shop or country, including what services are provided in Towne and where all of the products that are for sale are located. During their day in Towne we want the students to be active participants in the free-enterprise economy. We encourage them to apply their knowledge of supply and demand to alter the prices of their products, as well as place into use the lessons they’ve learned about advertising and making business decisions. Day-to-day the popularity of products changes; however, there are a solid few that are loved all year long.

Ameritowne’s Most Popular Products:

IT slushiesDog Tag Necklaces – Dog tags are an online ordering item that allows the students to purchase a necklace at one of the four kiosks in the center of Towne. They can customize the tag with three letters of their choice. The students in the Warehouse engrave the dog tag for the customer and then it is delivered directly to the customer’s shop by the Parcel Carriers.

Stress Balls – These are available at the fitness center and help to relieve all of the stress one might have from their job in Ameritowne. This product sells out every day and the salespeople in Fitness quickly notice that there is a high demand for the product and therefore, can increase the price.

3-in-1 Keychains – What are the three things it does you ask? Well you have to purchase one from the Utility Company to find out. A compass, laser pointer, and whistle all in one colorful keychain.

Magic Ink – The magical disappearing Ink sold at the Sign and Print shop is always a top seller with our 5th grade crowd. The Ink goes on black but quickly disappears into nothing.

Soda and Cookies – The Snack Shop is always busy with visitors looking to get their sugar fix. These products often sell out before lunch time!

International Towne’s Most Popular Products

Slushies – The delicious Blueberry Slushies sold in Canada always sell out, and by the end of the day manyAmeriTowne products students are walking around with blue lips.

Freshly Baked Cookies – Russia serves as our international market and prepares freshly baked chocolate cookies for the students of International Towne. The smell wafts through Towne and these tasty treats don’t last long.

Birthstone Rings – These popular rings are sold in Israel. There are only three rings for each Month of birthdays so you have to purchase these early in the day if you’re hoping to find your birthstone.

Green Tea – Sold in International Towne’s China the Green Tea is a hot commodity especially before lunch time.

In both Townes, we offer a wide array of products that appeal to all different types of students. We want them to be active contributors to the economy and spread their purchases out throughout the Towne.

Teacher’s Tip: Students do not know what products are going to be sold when they receive their materials. The products can change slightly throughout the school year. If you would like details about the products being offered on your scheduled day in Towne you can contact us within a week or two of your date and we can give you updated information. This may help during the businesses staff meeting and with filling out advertising forms prior to coming to Towne.

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