Lutheran Medical Center at AmeriTowne Belmar

Lutheran Medical Center provides top-notch upgrades at a top-notch shop

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Nearly 2,000 5th graders have already stepped foot in Young AmeriTowne at Belmar so far this year!  As part of their day, these students have been fortunate to receive top-notch care at the Lutheran Medical Center shop.  This experience is made possible by proud sponsor, Lutheran Medical Center.

Lutheran Medical Center has been an important partner of Young Americans Center since 2002.  When the Belmar AmeriTowne location opened in 2004, Lutheran Medical Center provided posters, props, and uniforms for the Medical Center shop.  New this year is a completely upgraded shop.  Lutheran Medical Center installed large wall graphics that make the shop look and feel like an actual hospital waiting room.  On the opposite wall, Doctors and Health Technicians can document patient care on a re-writable poster just like the posters Lutheran uses in its hospital rooms.  Finally, student patients can take home “star patient” stickers after their visit.

The support of Lutheran Medical Center continues to ensure that students visiting AmeriTowne enjoy the real-world experience of working in a Medical Center for a day.  Medical Center Health Technicians and Doctors hand out symptom cards to citizens throughout Young AmeiTowne. “Sick” citizens then visit the Medical Center to receive care. Health Technicians check the patient’s height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure. Doctors look up the symptoms on a diagnostic computer and then explain the disease to the patient. Finally, a student Manager oversees the entire process for quality control.

Partnering with Young Americans is important to Lutheran Medical Center, who’s mission includes improving the health of people and communities in west Denver.  According to Deb Roybal, Vice President of Mission Integration and Ministry Formation at SCL Health Lutheran Medical Center, “We are so excited to be a part of the amazing work happening at Young AmeriTowne and we look forward to the collaboration yet to come.”

Thank you, Lutheran Medical Center for inspiring and preparing young people for the 21st century workforce!

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