An AmeriTowne Warehouse employee stocks a bin for a shop.

Sponsor Spotlight: Thanks for the fun, Fun Services!

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Recently, Young Americans staff received a particularly thoughtful thank you note from an AmeriTowne student.  After thanking the staff and relating how muchAn AmeriTowne Warehouse employee completes a customer order fun he had in Towne, Will* noted that he was especially grateful for all of the toys he was able to purchase.  “They were so much fun,” he wrote. “Thanks for using real money to buy the toys for us that so that we could buy them using ‘fake’ AmeriTowne dollars!”  Young Americans Center for Financial Education does purchase some toys for students like Will to purchase as part of the AmeriTowne program.  However, thanks to the generosity of long-time supporter Fun Services, many of the toys are donated or provided at a reduced cost.

Fun Services has been “bringing fun to Colorado since 1980,” and has supported the Young AmeriTowne program for more than a decade.  As a sponsor of the Warehouse at both the Denver and Lakewood locations, Fun Services provides many of the toys and fAn AmeriTowne Warehouse employee stocks a bin for a shop.ood items delivered by the Warehouse employees each day.  Most of the AmeriTowne shops sell small trinkets, popular items that include magic disappearing ink, glow-in-the-dark squishy eyeballs, and light-up keychains.  Selling products is essential to operation because it helps the shops make enough money to pay back their bank loan.  With an average of 652 items for sale in Towne every day and more than 400 sessions of AmeriTowne every year, Fun Services has provided more than two million products during this partnership.

Will, we’d like to pass on your thanks to our proud partner Fun Services.  Thank you for your role in bringing fun to Young AmeriTowne!

*Student’s name has been changed.

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