International Towne Passport

Sponsor Spotlight: AAA Colorado Introduces Students to World Travel

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International Towne Passport

An International Towne citizen waits for her passport so she can travel the world.

Young Americans Center’s International Towne program provides a hands-on experience in global economics, and so much more!  Every year, nearly 11,000 middle school students get a taste of world travel in just one day.  A proud partner in this work is AAA Colorado, which presents each student with a passport for traveling throughout International Towne.

An objective of International Towne is to open the eyes of middle school students to the differences and similarities that exist among countries in our world.  This is done both through the curriculum, which takes place at school prior to their visit to International Towne, and during their four-hour Towne experience.  For example, students explore what makes a Free Market Economy different than a Command Economy.  They practice using the greeting and thank you in their country’s native language.  Students also learn about business and cultural norms of foreign countries, like the fact that yawning in public is rude in South America, or that using your right hand to eat from a shared plate of food is common in Africa.

A goal of AAA Colorado, according to their website, is to, “advocate for the safety and security of all travelers.”  As such, providing resources and information to potential travelers is a large part of their work, which includes sponsoring initiatives such as International Towne and the 2018 Vacations Showcase.  Linda Cavanagh, President and CEO of AAA Colorado, notes that “The best learning comes from experience.”  Thanks to AAA Colorado, middle school students experience the thrill of exploring new lands without leaving Colorado!

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