A Meeting of the Mayors: Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul visits Young AmeriTowne

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A Meeting of the Mayors: Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul visits Young AmeriTowne

Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul stands with AmeriTowne Judge Christian and Mayor Jack

On May 11, 80 sixth grade students from Summit Middle School received a special visit from Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul during their trip to Young AmeriTowne in Lakewood.  A program of Young Americans Center for Financial Education, AmeriTowne teaches more than 31,514 students a year about personal finance and the free enterprise system in a hands-on, real-life way.

Mayor Paul met with students, volunteers, and community supporters to see how Young AmeriTowne works.  The Medical Center Accountant showed Mayor Paul how she wrote checks to pay for business expenses such as utilities and advertising.  Students working in the Sign and Print Shop explained their sales strategy—shoppers can purchase items in AmeriTowne using cash or a debit card.  Shaking hands, Mayor Paul asked 12-year-old Mayor Jack about the best part of being in charge.  Jack replied, “I have earned the respect of a lot of my classmates!”

At the end of his visit, Mayor Paul left the students with a gift, pins from the City of Lakewood, and a challenge.  “Lakewood was named an All-America City for the second time because of the amazing work our youth are doing to prepare for a successful future.” He said.  “These pins are a reminder that even though you’re young, you can create a caring, supportive community in your neighborhood.”

Also in attendance was Richard E. Martinez, Jr., President and CEO of Young Americans Center.  “We were honored to have Mayor Paul visit Young AmeriTowne today,” he said.  “For these young people, Mayor Paul’s visit validates their hard work to prepare for AmeriTowne and demonstrates that today’s leaders genuinely care about their future.”

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