Sponsor Spotlight: The Colorado Container Corporation

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Sponsor Spotlight: The Colorado Container Corporation

Containers Shop employees assemble a briefcase

One of the most popular items to buy in Young AmeriTowne is a briefcase from the Container Shop. Hand-folded by hard-working Assemblers, the briefcases hold a citizen’s paperwork, toys, and snacks. And with a starting price of only $3.00, they are a real steal!

Briefcases are generously donated to Young Americans Center for Financial Education each year by the Rollie R. Kelley Family Foundation, a Fund of the Denver Foundation. The briefcases and sponsoring grant for the Young AmeriTowe Containers Shops are a tribute to a business originally owned by the family: Colorado Container Corporation. Now under a different name in the real world, this business lives on in Young AmeriTowne at the Denver and Belmar locations where Container Shop Assemblers build and sell more than 24 briefcases a day—that’s 10,502 briefcases a year.

Rollie R. Kelley was a Colorado entrepreneur who believed in giving back to the community. His children honor his memory and his commitment to business and cultural education for young people through a long partnership in presenting Young AmeriTowne so all students, regardless of background, can gain the financial skills for self-sufficiency.

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