On the Road Diaries Episode 3: OTR in Centennial

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As the school year comes to an end, so does the inaugural season of Young AmeriTowne On the Road!  AmeriTowne On the Road is a traveling, pop-up version of our flagship free enterprise program, and it has been a hit around the state.  After starting at the Mile High United Way building in north Denver last fall, then traveling to Pueblo in November, OTR’s final sessions for the 2014-2015 school year were in Centennial in the spring. In total, OTR saw 1680 students from 29 schools come and run their own Towne for a day!  Despite their busy schedules, I was able to sit down with OTR Director Chris and Assistant Director Cody to reflect on the past year.

Janet Redwine: What was your favorite On the Road?

Chris O’Riley: I enjoyed our inaugural sessions at Mile High United Way in Denver. The initial excitement of introducing the new program and hosting our very first school was a huge rush of DSC_0731adrenaline and satisfaction.

Cody Brennan: I don’t think I have a FAVORITE OTR but I have favorite parts of each OTR. At United Way it was so fun to pilot the program and see everything in action for the very first time! In Pueblo, the community’s dedication and support was incredible, and in Centennial, the space and ability to see the whole town in its full upright position was very exciting.

JR: Do you have a favorite story from OTR this year?

CO: We had one day in Pueblo where the heat in our building went out for a few hours. Our staff members were absolutely freezing… but all the kids were running around as crazy and excited as usual. A freezing winter AmeriTowne wasn’t going to slow any of those kids down!

CB: My favorite story from OTR was probably when we had a student kiss our facades goodbye as he was leaving our Centennial location because he loved Towne so much.

JR: What is your favorite shop in OTR?Container Shop Employees

CO: I like all of them!  But since you’re making me choose, I like the Containers Shop because they have awesome, yellow hard hats.

CB: My favorite OTR shop would probably have to be the Radio Station. I love how excited the Radio Station workers are to announce advertisements and play music, and it is so different every day!

JR: Finish this thought: I can’t wait for OTR to visit…

CO: Ram Country – Fort Collins

CB: Grand Junction! It seems like the community has been so supportive of us coming there and I think it will be great to serve a different population of Colorado!

On the Road will take a break this summer, but will return again in the fall with visits to Grand Junction and the Fort Collins/Greeley area. Wondering if OTR can come to your area?  Find more info here!

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