Young AmeriTowne: Then and Now

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Next year, Young AmeriTowne will be celebrating its 25th birthday!  As we wrap up our 24th year, we thought it would be fun to take a quick look back at what AmeriTowne was like in the 1990s.

Towne Square

Kids On the Go! - CopyTowne Square 1999Young AmeriTowne’s Towne Square is currently a vibrant place where employees from 17 different shops can eat a snack, rest on a park bench, mail a postcard, or visit with friends.  When Young AmeriTowne first began, the Towne Square was much, much smaller.  There’s no way that 130 students, plus their parents, teachers, and staff members, could fit into this square!

Police Officers

Believe it or not, police officers had pretty much the same role in Young AmeriTowne as they do now!  Officers are in charge of enforcing Towne laws, both the standard Young AmeriTowne laws and those “fun laws” that are voted in by the citizens of each day.  Today, officers enforce these laws of Towne:

  • No Running
  • No Gum Chewing
  • No Littering
  • No Leaving Towne Limits
  • No Eating or Drinking in Any Shop (except the Snack Shop)

Opening Ceremony

Ribbon Cutting 1999Young AmeriTowne has had an opening ceremony since the beginning!  As part of the opening ceremony, the Judge, Mayor, and Police Officers all take an oath of office and the Mayor cuts the ribbon officially opening Towne.  Back then, the ribbon-cutting scissors were a bit smaller than they are today!

Mail Delivery

The Parcel Service Shop employees have delivered mail in Young AmeriTowne since the Towne first opened!  And UPS has been a valuable partner, first providing the mail cart and now sponsoring the whole shop.

Construction Company

There’s no more Construction Company in Young AmeriTowne like there used to be, but employees of today’s Utility Company still provide needed maintenance.  For example, they replace light bulbs, turn down thermostats, and change filters.

Medical Center

With the use of an employee-built website, Medical Center staff today can quickly and easily diagnose patients and provide treatment.  They also use their tablet computer to swipe debit cards.  Back then, all of this was done by hand!  Diseases were looked up in large books and debit cards did not exist—the Medical Center accepted only cash and checks.

Look for more interesting flashbacks next year as we prepare to celebrate 25 years of Young AmeriTowne!!

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