Sponsor Spotlight: Broadcasting Live in Young AmeriTowne Thanks to Colorado Public Radio

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Radio Station WorkersWhether you rely on the radio as a main source of music and information or only listen occasionally, the radio is a powerful and important part of our history and our community.  The Young AmeriTowne Radio Station is no exception!  Thanks to the support of Colorado Public Radio, our Radio Station Shop is one of the most colorful and most exciting shops to visit.

More than 12,000 youth “tune in” to the Radio Station every year during their day in AmeriTowne.  DJs provide paid advertising for each shop and play songs of all genres and ages—everything from the Star Spangled Banner to the latest release from Katy Perry.  Towne citizens can request their favorite songs.  They can even request that a DJ stop playing a song!  Some school groups organize regularly-scheduled dance parties throughout the day, awarding prizes to the top dancers.

What makes the Colorado Public Radio Station Shop a great shop to visit is its state-of-the-art equipment, donated by Colorado Public Radio, colorful interior décor, and fun atmosphere.  Bright orange and green paint cover the walls, while the DJ booth features frosted glass with geometric shapes.  Citizens submit their own joke of the day and the best are read aloud over the airwaves.  Steven visited Towne this past school year and writes, “What I really love about the Radio Station is that I got to speak on the radio.  It was awesome!”

Colorado Public Radio renovated the shop two years ago and set a Broadcasting Live in Young AmeriTowne Thanks to Colorado Public Radionew standard for the way sponsors could energize and better engage students in learning.  Together with Colorado Public Radio, we are helping Colorado students experience the power of radio, gain a life-long appreciation for music, and learn about business, economics and free enterprise in a fun, hands-on way.  Young Americans Center for Financial Education is proud to have Colorado Public Radio as a valuable supporter.

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