Sponsor Spotlight: State Farm creates a “neighborhood of good” in Young AmeriTowne

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The first students of the 2017-18 school year participated in Young AmeriTowne this week!  Traveling from Allendale Elementary in Jefferson County, fourth and fifth graders visited AmeriTowe in Belmar on Tuesday, September 5.  The next day, fifth graders from Buffalo Ridge Elementary in Castle Rock spent a day in AmeriTowne in Denver.


State Farm presents a check to the Mayor of AmeriTowne On the Road

Before these young people stepped into Towne, they spent weeks preparing at school.  Thanks to long-time supporter State Farm, part of this preparation is a workbook—66 pages of worksheets, lessons, and information that every student receives.  Inside, there’s a place for students to practice writing checks, an investment questionnaire, a resume, and even a basic budget!

All of these lessons help students-turned-citizens succeed in AmeriTowne.  While in Towne, citizens need to be able to fill out a deposit slip correctly in order to cash their paycheck at the Bank.  They need to budget their time and their money to ensure their $25 in earnings lasts the whole day.  They have an opportunity to think about their investment in a stock, mutual fund, or CD while in Towne, so students need to know what each of these means.

State Farm has been supporting experiential learning programs of Young Americans since 2004. In addition to the workbooks, State Farm helps to offset the cost of attending for schools where 50% or more of their students qualify for free/reduced lunch.  To date, no eligible student or school has been turned away through this CRA-eligible Send-a-School scholarship program.

Young Americans Center is grateful for State Farm’s commitment to the next generation of young people in Colorado.  With more than 32,000 youth expected to participate in AmeriTowne this year, State Farm is helping to ensure today’s young people are the prepared adults of the future.

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