Tales from Towne:  What’s new for the new school year!

Tales from Towne: What’s new for the new school year!

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Summer has come to an end and school is back in session. As teachers and students get back into the swing of things, the Young Americans Center staff has been preparing AmeriTowne for students to return. There are many changes in AmeriTowne! These changes include: updated uniforms, new radio technology, and interior renovations in multiple shops. We are so excited to have students join us at AmeriTowne this year!

Tales from Towne:  What’s new for the new school year!

Schomp employee puts the finishing touches on the Parts and Service Shop car.

The Parts and Service Shop in Cherry Creek received a mechanical makeover. Schomp Automotive generously donated time, talent, treasure to remodel the AmeriTowne shop in Denver to look like their real garage in Highlands Ranch. The biggest update is the work the Service Technicians do under the hood of the car.  They have a variety of maintenence tasks to stimulate their minds through the workday. The tasks build upon on one another and give the kids a better hands-on opportunity to learn more about how cars operate and their maintenance.

Tales from Towne:  What’s new for the new school year!

How will you create a caring community?

Alameda Gateway has recently taken on the sponsorship responsibilities of the Television Station at Belmar. They have updated the interior and exterior of the shop, such as a new paint, furniture, and signs. We are especially pleased with a new inspiration station. The inspiration station prompts our young reporters and journalists to think about how they can contribute to creating a caring community.    Additionally the Lakewood Mayor, Adam Paul, filmed a commercial that will inspire the kids to be more active in their city government. The commercial will be played in Towne before the student’s commercials. Thinking about these issues at young age, we hope that our future generation will be more caring and engaged!

Other updates aren’t as involved but they still help Young AmeriTowne feel colorful and new!  The Young AmeriTowne Bank at Belmar received a fresh coat of paint and new graphics courtesy of FirstBank.  The shop will still serve as the financial hub of Towne, helping students deposit money into their checking accounts and loaning money to AmeriTowne businesses.  Thanks to long-time partner Cambiar Investors, the Investment Company has an exciting “news ticker” outside the shop that helps draw students into the shop.  And speaking of news, the Denver Post supplied new posters and a new paint job for the Newspaper Shops at Denver and Belmar.  Finally, Janus printed large posters to help decorate the Towne Halls at both locations.

We can’t wait to show off our “new” Townes to a new group of students this year!

Teachers’ Tip:

We know that position assignments after the student’s interviews can be a challenge. For Parts and Service specifically, students who are kinesthetic learners and enjoy mechanical pursuits are especially successful in this shop. If looking for other options, kinesthetic learners are often successful in the Containers Shop and Utility Company.

When deciding the best fit for Photojournalists and Reporters in the Television Station it is important to remember that these are very different jobs. Reports are most successful when they are not camera-shy or afraid to talk to an audience. On the other hand, it is important that the Photojournalist is interested with the behind the camera workings of a televised operation, is detail oriented, and is good at following instructions.

All in all, this is an opportunity for the students to be challenged and the student’s passions will be the defining factor for success.

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