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What Makes a Good Mayor?

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An AmeriTowne Mayor from Foundations Academy takes a short break for a photo at Young AmeriTowne Belmar.

The leader of Young AmeriTowne is a Mayor, an elected position that oversees the Towne’s judicial system, the economy, and the community.  A common question that students ask is, “What Makes a Good Mayor?”  So today, we’re providing some answers, directly from the Mayors themselves!

When McGraw Elementary attended Young AmeriTowne in Lakewood last spring, 10-year-old Sarah* led the Towne as Mayor.  “Being a good Mayor means you are kind, understanding, and you help other people with things they might need help with,” she said.

Mayor Kristina*, from Fremont Elementary agreed.  “As Mayor of Young AmeriTowne, I believe my job is to help and serve you all in the best way possible.  I also want to provide all of you with what you need to be successful today.”

City of Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul receives an Accounting lesson in Young AmeriTowne Belmar

Mayor Adam Paul, current Mayor of the City of Lakewood, also has some advice for future Mayors.  “The City of Lakewood prides itself on listening to our citizens’ ideas about how to make our community a better place,” he says in a video that welcomes students to Young AmeriTowne in Lakewood.  “Turning these ideas into action means taking bold steps—sometimes you have to try something you’ve never done before.”

The City of Lakewood celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, growing from 90,000 in 1969 to a current population of just over 155,000.  “From the beginning, Lakewood’s growth was positive, progressive and visionary,” notes the City of Lakewood website.  In addition to a commitment to provide parks and open space—currently one quarter of the land in Lakewood—the City is also committed to providing services and support for its residents.

This support includes a long-time partnership with Young Americans Center.  In fact, the City of Lakewood was instrumental in the creation of Young AmeriTowne in Belmar, the second location of AmeriTowne that opened in January of 2005.  “The City of Lakewood is proud to support Young AmeriTowne, where student citizens learn about banking, business, and what it means to be a part of a community in a fun, hands-on way.  This knowledge will help them grow up to be responsible, productive, and successful members of society,” said Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul.


*Names have been changed to protect the identity of minor students.

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