Why Are We Standing Outside for Hours in January?

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Will O'Hearn shows off the giveaways while hosting a table to spread the word on the new Bank branch.

Will O’Hearn shows off the giveaways while hosting a table to spread the word on the new Bank branch.

Have you seen us out in the community lately?  We’ve been all over the place, meeting with people and telling them all about our new branch coming on January 18.  For the past four weeks, we have set up tables throughout Denver to hand out piggy banks, wallets, invitations and candy, to everyone we can talk to.  We’ve been at King Soopers locations, the local libraries, different recreation centers, some malls and movie theaters and even the Denver Zoo!

What’s The Goal?

Our goal is to talk with as many people in the Northeast Denver area as possible.  For 25 years, Young Americans Bank has been located in Cherry Creek.  Although our nearly 17,000 customers reside throughout Colorado (and in all 49 other states), we do tend to pull in customers from right around us.  In opening up a new branch in Green Valley Ranch, we can’t wait to connect with all those new customers!  There are 3,000 students sharing the Evie Dennis Campus with us, and plenty more students in the surrounding community who are looking for some financial education.

The tables have been hosted by staff members from all parts of the organization, and our Youth Advisory Board and Youth Council members.  And we have loved the opportunities to connect with our customers where they don’t expect to see us.

The Best Part

Today, one of our bank tellers, Carmen Hurtado, was at Montebllo High School talking with the students during their lunch.  She came back to the office bubbling with excited.  “It was better than I expected.  I got to talk to so many kids!”

Our favorite comment came from a youngster visiting the Zoo on January 4.  After one of our program staff members, Janet, explained to him that Young Americans Bank is JUST for him (and not his mom), he said, “I can’t wait to go to Young Americans! Can I come earlier than you open?”

Sorry buddy. We don’t open until Friday, January 18.  But we’ll see you then!

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