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This school year has gotten off to an amazing start with students coming from all over the state to participate in our programs, and we have had a few that have just shined. Recently in Young AmeriTowne one of the Bank Presidents created his own “Customer Satisfaction Survey” with questions like “Would you come back?” and “How long was your wait in line?” It is students like these that make our programs staff come back every single day. When the students are able to make the job their own, coming to their day of Towne is even more meaningful and it is something that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. We recommend encouraging the ownership of their positions, so they will feel very confident when they do arrive in Young AmeriTowne.

Something special and new this year is at our Belmar location. Students have an opportunity to create a very meaningful documentary when they are done with the advertisements for the other shops. This opportunity comes from Alameda Gateway who, through their sponsorship, have offered a variety of meaningful questions to encourage kiddos to think about how they can help create a Caring Community. Watching this unfold has been amazing. Many teachers, students and volunteers have come and answered a question and shared their answer on our inspiration wall.Sponsor Spotlight: Eide Bailly Explains International Trade

In International Towne we have had a lot of amazing schools this year which have shown an amazing interdependence with one another as we pilot a new currency exchange rate in the afternoons based on the dilemma.  Changing the exchange rate in the middle of the day is a much more accurate demonstration of how quickly the rate can change in the real world.

Creating a sense of community with caring and sharing will inspire and push these kiddos to be the change they want to create in the world. It is our jobs as adults to make them feel safe and comfortable to do so, and coming to one of our programs with their class is the safe zone where they can interact with one another.

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